Check it out SDAPA Members! Meet your up-and-coming young planners that are making SDAPA’s YPG Group one of the best, if not THE best, around the nation. These young planners have got what it takes. They’re showing dedication, enthusiasm, and smarts as they develop and implement the 2016 program. Next time you see one of them, let them know how proud you are of our #1 YPG and Mentorship Program. And at our next Planners Night Out (PNO) event, look for them and strike up a conversation about the program. Truly, amazing work. Keep up the good work, team!

  • Sara Toma – Community Service
  • Natalia Hentschel – Innovation
  • Bronwyn Brown – Communications
  • Melanie Tylke – YPG Chair
  • Madison Roberts – Mentorship & Education
  • Chris Mallec – Mentorship & Education
  • Arianna Choza – Community Service
  • James Alexander – Community Service
  • Regina Ochoa – Mentorship & Education Chair
  • Christine Mercado – Mentorship & Education

(as seen from right to left)

Mentorship & Education Subcommittee – Community Service Subcommittee – Communications – Innovation