2018 SDAPA Scholarship Recipients

By | 2017-12-21T14:54:53-07:00 December 21st, 2017|San Diego Planning Journal|

SDAPA is proud to have awarded the 2018 SDAPA scholarships to the following students. Scholarships were announced at the Holiday Party on December 7, 2017. Congratulations to our four distinguished recipients!

Andrea Schlientz

Andrea Schlientz is currently pursuing her Masters in City Planning at SDSU and is a Regional Planning Intern at SANDAG. Her interest in planning is derived from the diversity of the field and the ability to directly impact the livelihood of future generations. She would like to be a part of working to improve land use and transportation coordination as our cities continue to diversify and develop.


Elizabeth Dickson

Elizabeth Dickson is currently pursuing her Masters in City Planning at SDSU and is a Junior Planner at the City of San Diego. Her utilization of active modes of transportation sparked her interest in the built environment. She would like to work on increasing access to sustainable modes of transportation and help make communities better places for everyone to live and thrive.


Paola Boylan

Paola Boylan is currently pursuing her Masters in City Planning at SDSU and works at Circulate San Diego. She has worked on Safe Routes to School Programs and complete streets initiatives to encourage and support mode shift. She is interested in planning cities that support sustainable habits and systems, inspire mode shift, curb climate change, and build long-term solutions.


April Alarcon

April Alarcon is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s in Urban Studies and Planning with a Minor in Mathematics at UCSD. Her interest in planning is rooted in her experience growing up in a minority agricultural community, where she was made aware of the inequalities in wealth and health. She is interested in closing the gaps in planning and promoting equity and access for all.