Board Members / Contacts

Section Director Rachel Hurst, AICP
TEL: (619) 522-7338

Past Section Director Gary Halbert, AICP

Treasurer  Alex Hempton, AICP
202 C St., MS 8A, San Diego, CA 92101
TEL: (619) 236-6898

Secretary  Tara Lieberman
Tel: (858) 495-5466

Webmaster  Nancy Graham, AICP
TEL: (619) 236-6891

Planning Journal Editor Carolina Ilic, AICP
TEL: (619) 699-1989

Communications Coordinator Naomi Siodmok
TEL: (619) 236-6017

Marketing and Membership Co-Chair Stan Donn, AICP
TEL: (619) 409-5953

Marketing and Membership Co-Chair  Renée Yarmy
TEL: (619) 335-3466

Programs Chair Co-Chair  Nick Ferracone, AICP
TEL: (619) 557-7992

Programs Chair Co-Chair  Bill Figge, AICP
TEL: (619) 905-3709

Professional Development-AICP  Lorena Cordova, AICP
TEL: (619) 818-0557

Professional Development-Workshops  Matthew Gelbman, AICP
TEL: (619) 299-2700

Membership Inclusion Director  Howard Lee, AICP
TEL: (619) 667-1185

Awards Chair Mike Strong
TEL:  (760) 839-4556

Academic/CPF Liaison  Mirle Rabinowitz Bussell
TEL: (858) 822-0468

Young Planners’ Group Chair Melanie Tylke
TEL: (858) 966-1377

Student Representative-SDSU  Elizabeth Dickson
TEL: (619) 235-5221

Student Representative-UCSD  Francis Yu

SDAPA Mailing Address:
Please send regular mail to the SDAPA Section Director at the address above. Checks for scheduled events should be mailed to the address provided on the registration page. All other checks should be mailed to the SDAPA Treasurer at the address above.  For questions please contact Rachel Hurst.