The San Diego Section of APA is one of the most active APA sections in the nation. With over 500 members and a calendar of activities directed to both new and experienced planners, SDAPA provides members an opportunity to expand their professional knowledge, meet peers, and get directly involved in the operation of the Section. Regular events sponsored by the Section include:

  • Luncheon Programs: The Section holds luncheons featuring speakers who discuss current planning issues.
  • Workshops: The Section sponsors several professional development workshops each year that are in-depth training programs on a diverse range of topics.
  • AICP Assistance: The Section assists members planning to take the AICP exam by organizing a comprehensive multi-part exam preparation course. It is one of the few courses of its type in the country.
  • San Diego Planning Journal: The Section publishes a Journal, which focuses on issues, news, and articles of interest to planners in the San Diego region.
  • Website: The Section operates this website¬†which provides news and announcements, a calendar of events, job listings and online registration for all SDAPA sponsored events including our monthly program luncheons. APA members may join our e-mail list and receive regular news updates.
  • Annual awards: The Section conducts an annual Awards Banquet to recognize outstanding planning projects in the region. Recipients are then eligible for state and national awards.
  • State and National Participation: The Section participates in the California Chapter programs and it serves as the initial access point for becoming more active in the state and national APA activities.

What is APA?

The American Planning Association a national organization of people who are active in working together for better-planned communities.

APA brings together:

  • The professional planner and the citizen member of a planning board or commission.
  • The transportation planner, environmental planner, housing planner, land use attorney, and others who see their roles as part of comprehensive planning.
  • The elected official and the member of a community planning group.
  • The planning practitioner, the student, and the teacher.

Through its chapters and divisions, APA provides information and other services to its members and serves as a forum for discussion of planning issues.

Professional planners who are members of APA may also become members of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP), a unit of APA concerned with professional development, planning, education, standards of practice, and requirements for the certification of professional planners. Membership in AICP requires both a planning related education, and experience and satisfactory performance on a written examination.

Why Join APA?
Besides the association with other planners, APA offers a number of attractive benefits to its members:

  • Policy Making: APA proposes and comments on planning policy to state and federal lawmakers, executive agencies, and public interest groups.
  • Conferences: Annual conferences are held at the national and state level every year, promoting a free exchange of ideas and information.
  • Training Services: The National and State APA organizations offer training to acquire or maintain technical skills through workshops, seminars, and special conferences.
  • Publications: A variety of informative publications are available to members through the “Planning Advisory Service,” “Planning Magazine,” and the APA Journal.
  • Job Assistance: APA sponsors job marts in conjunction with its annual conferences, maintains a planners’ referral service, and identifies employment opportunities across the country (Job Mart).
  • Other Benefits: Members have access to other special benefits that include insurance, awards and recognition, special interest divisions, Planner Bookstore, and public information.