SDAPA has recently joined several organizations in DesignCollab, a new virtual community of design professionals. DesignCollab was created in December 2011 to fill a void in the design community. DesignCollab provides a central clearinghouse of information and connectivity for planners, architects, landscape architects and other professionals committed to enhancing the lives of citizens via the built environment. As a virtual web-based community, it can be accessed by anyone. If you are tired of managing your calendar of events from various organizations, this is the place for you! One of DesignCollab’sgreatest features is a master calendar for all events put on by the collaborator organizations, such as SDAPA.

Why Should I Become A Subscriber? Although DesignCollab can be accessed by anyone, only subscribers can take advantage of the interactive capabilities, such as providing comments to calendar events and blog postings. Becoming a subscribers is easy and affordable at only $1/month, or $12 for an entire year.