Associate Planner – City of San Diego (Due 6/11/18)

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Job Title: Associate Planner

Job Location: San Diego, CA

Employer Website:

Job Description:

Associate Planner positions develop and manage environmental, general, community, and urban plans; manage land use and land development projects; review and write environmental documents; prepare and coordinate processing of local, state, and federal permits; perform development permit review, landscape review and plan checks; review and analyze technical drawings, specifications, and reports; research, review, and prepare ordinances and policies; make presentations on environmental and planning issues at public hearings and meetings; review projects and advise citizens and developers during the application process to ensure compliance with City regulations; interpret regulations and requirements to the public; prepare planning reports; perform Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping; handle complex projects; perform site inspections; review and enforce plans and specifications; perform quality control for document preparation and submittals and coordinate with various City departments, as well as federal, state, and local agencies; monitor mitigation requirements for environmentally sensitive projects; perform proper documentation and reporting; lead the work of subprofessional staff; may manage contracts; and perform other duties as assigned.

Link or email to apply: Apply Here

Apply by date: 06/11/2018