San Diego – California
Circulate San Diego is seeking a Director of Advocacy. The successful candidate will have a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning or a related field plus 7-10 years experience with a winning record promoting walkable and transit-friendly sustainable communities through policy initiatives, grassroots campaigns, and by working with elected officials and municipal staff. Fluency in Spanish is highly desired.

This is a great opportunity for somebody with expertise in planning and the heart of an advocate who is interested in being a change maker in the San Diego region.

Applications are due by May 19, 2017


The Director of Advocacy is responsible for developing and implementing advocacy initiatives that advance the mission and goals of Circulate San Diego (CSD). This position takes the lead role in the organization on active transportation, pedestrian/bicycle safety, and placemaking. The Director of Advocacy takes a supporting role in the development and implementation of policy initiatives related to transit and sustainable land use.

Main Responsibilities

  1. Lead the development of CSD’s policy positions and advocacy strategy regarding active transportation, pedestrian/bicycle safety, and placemaking.
  2. Work collaboratively with Policy Counsel to provide strategic analysis and support for the development of CSD’s policy positions and advocacy strategy regarding transit and sustainable land use.
  3. Research and prepare white papers for advocacy campaigns.
  4. Identify funding sources and write funding proposals.
  5. Track active transportation policy initiatives and activities at the local and regional levels and provide analysis to guide CSD’s position.
  6. Foster and develop collaborative working relationships with organizations and individuals in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to advance CSD’s policy and advocacy objectives.
  7. Provide technical assistance and training to local residents and community partners to garner grassroots support and participation in CSD’s advocacy efforts.
  8. Organize public education and advocacy events such as roundtables, information forums, trainings, and news conferences in support of research reports.
  9. Prepare written material advocating CSD’s positions, including letters, blogs, position papers, testimonies, legislative proposals, public comments, and other relevant materials.
  10. Build local strategic coalitions as needed to win on policy and advocacy priorities.
  11. Represent CSD in national, state and local events including panels, meetings, trainings and conferences.
  12. Represent CSD on active transportation and other policy initiatives at public hearings.
  13. Identify opportunities for education and outreach by convening seminars, discussions, workshops and briefings in conjunction with other internal and external stakeholders.
  14. Provide staff support to the Policy Committee as needed.
  15. Develop administrative systems and maintain records that provide for the evaluation, control and documentation of assigned works; prepare written reports, procedures as required.
  16. Perform related work as required falling within the general duties of the position.