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Seven Directions Apartments - EBALDC | EBALDCThe San Diego Section and the California Chapter of the APA are hosting a webinar on June 2, 2021 that explores the concepts of Public Benefit Planning.

As many localities in California plan for densification through community plan updates, up-zonings, density bonuses, specific plans
and other mechanisms, they unwittingly increase the value of land. Similarly, when the public builds infrastructure such as transit lines and
stations, the value of the land near the station will increase in value. The increase in the value of land, then, is the result of public action, not
the activities of the landowner, and it is only fair for the public to capture some of that increase for community benefits. This approach
goes under many names, including Land Value Capture or Recapture, Public Benefit Zoning and Public Benefit Planning. For this webinar, we will call it Public Benefit Planning (PBP). The webinar will explore the various mechanisms used in PBP–including Plan-based and Project-based approaches—as well as how it is different from DIFs or Density Bonuses, the economic analyses utilized, and the benefits that can be gained. Case studies will be included in the presentations.

Please join us to hear from our panel members:

Our moderator is Paul Marra, the Managing Principal of the Keyser
Marston Associates, Inc. San Diego office.  He has 30-years experience in real estate market and financial evaluation, fiscal and economic
impact assessments, and public/private partnerships (P3).

Nico Calavita, is a Professor Emeritus at San Diego State University, who has researched and published on Land Value Capture programs at the local, state, national and international levels. His writings include a
report, Public Benefit Zoning, that he wrote with an economist on the theory, economics and practice of LVC. A copy of the paper can be
viewed at http://www.thecyberhood.net/documents/projects/whitepaper14.pdf

Laura Krawczyk is the Planning and Development Manager in the Mayor's Office of Economic Development, City of Los Angeles. She will discuss the origins of L.A.'s Community/Public Benefits Program, and its application to the Exposition LRT Line and Downtown plans.

Rick Jacobus is a national expert in inclusionary housing and affordable homeownership, and a principal at Street Level Urban Impact Advisors. He will speak of efforts in the Bay Area, including his role in the preparation of the Tier system for the Affordable Housing Incentive Program for the Adeline Corridor Plan and the Ashby BART Station in


The Webinar is on June 2, 2021 from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Zoom. Please
register at:


1.0 in CM credits will be available for AICP members.