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Why are we San Diegans so hard on ourselves? Do our sunny skies and parochial thinking blind our vision of America’s Finest City and the surrounding region?

Too often, native San Diegans (or transplants who have lived here long enough) complain often about potholes and local politics. We downplay the significance of our accomplishments and bemoan the lack of leadership and vision in our region, pointing to San Francisco, Vancouver, or even Los Angeles as models to emulate. It usually takes an outsider to land on our warm beaches and tell us we’re crazy! What a gorgeous place to live, they say! What a diverse and culturally rich part of the world! How unique are your canyons, hills and mesas. What a tremendous opportunity to be America’s Finest Region!

A fresh pair of eyes is often what we need; a new perspective, an alternative viewpoint, a jolt of energy and optimism!  In the past couple of months, this is just what we have.  Several new leaders have taken key positions in prominent community institutions. All come from cities outside San Diego County. All have ambitious plans for their organizations and our region. Join us in welcoming them to the center-stage. Let us ask them about their first impressions and where they see the future of San Diego heading.

Join us as we find out how community-based organizations are getting things done from the ground up!


Mary Walshok,

Associate Vice Chancellor, Public Programs,

Dean, UC San Diego Extension


Bastiaan Bouma,

Executive Director, San Diego Chapter

of the American Institute of Architects

Elenore Garton,

Vice President of Strategy and Philanthropic Partnerships,

Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation

Henri de Hahn,

Provost, NewSchool of Architecture and Design

B.H. Kim,

Vice President/Executive Director,

The San Diego Foundation’s Malin Burnham Center

for Civic Engagement




$25 (C3 Members)

$35 (Non-Members)

$18 (Students)

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