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California is leading the way in solar power with the California Solar Initiative & the 2014 Million Solar Roofs Program. The goal of the workshop is to get arborists and design professionals together for the opportunity to expand business practices and have the tools to implement good practices. The workshop is a day-long training, including expert panelists from the solar, landscape architecture, urban forest research, local government, and arboriculture industries.  The moderator, Dan Staley, is an authority on tree and solar conflicts with solutions for sustainable coexistence.

Panelists include naturalists, urban foresters, urban planners, and urban ecologists. The training will get arborists and design professionals out in front of this opportunity; help expand business practice and expertise; and offer input from expert panel of leading professionals in solar, landscape architecture, urban forestry, and government. The training includes intensive learning sessions with other professionals to walk you through solar analysis concepts; hands-on practical design; info on how to avoid tree-solar conflicts; identification of free and low-cost tools to expand your practice; and a Free copy of Dan Staley’s new book: “The Manual of Trees and Rooftop Solar Site Analysis.”

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