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The Young Planners Group is pleased to announce our second Lunch & Learn Site Visit! Come listen to various senior level planners speak about the inner workings of SANDAG, as well as give insights into the regional growth and planning of our region. A light lunch will be provided. This is a great event that you will not want to miss!

1. Welcome and Introductions (Carolina Gregor, Senior Planner and APA Mentor)
2. SANDAG 101 – What does SANDAG do and how is SANDAG structured? (Muggs Stoll, Director of Land Use and Transportation Planning)
3. Regional Growth Trends and the Transportation Network in 2050 (Elisa Arias, Principal Planner)
4. San Diego Forward: The Regional Plan (Phil Trom, Senior Planner and Project Manager)
5. Q&A Session and Fun Planning Stories (All)
6. Career Questions and Advice (All)
7. Wrap Up (All)