We have received word that the following local SDAPA members passed the May 2016 AICP Exam…

  • Danielle Berger
  • Mark Carpenter
  • Alison Moss
  • Christopher Wahl
  • Lorena Cordova
  • Ashley Hefner
  • Ryan Loomis

A hearty congratulations to our 7 newest AICP members!!!

“Congratulations to you all! I recognize many names of those who participated our SDAPA AICP exam prep course, even when it required driving a far distance each Saturday morning for some of you. We commend your efforts and dedication to becoming AICP.” – Asha Bleier, AICP, SDAPA Professional Development Officer for AICP

If you’re considering taking the AICP exam this November or next May, you don’t want to miss SDAPA’s valuable four-course training session. The four-course training is only held once a year (February-April, exact dates TBD). Email Asha Bleier, AICP, Professional Development Officer, with any questions at asha.bleier@gmail.com.

SDAPA and CA APA also offer exam scholarships. Applications can be found at CA APA website at:  http://www.apacalifornia.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/2016-Nov-AICP-Scholarship-Application.pdf. Please email it to Terry Blount, AICP, Vice President of Professional Development plannertothestars@yahoo.com to submit an application.