Job Title: Land Use/Environmental Planner III

Job Location: San Diego

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The County of San Diego is currently accepting job applications for Land Use/Environmental Planner III (LUEP III).  The eligible list will be used to fill current vacancies in Planning & Development Services.  This list may also be used to fill future vacancies on a county-wide basis.

Planning & Development Services (PDS)

Through operational excellence and attention to customer service, Planning & Development Services (PDS) strives to balance community, economic and environmental interests to ensure the highest quality of life for the public of San Diego County.

PDS is responsible for long-range land use planning, including the County’s General Plan and Zoning Ordinance, which determine how our communities will grow.  The department also evaluates and processes privately initiated land use projects to ensure compliance with land use regulations and advises the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission on the projects. Department programs, such as building plan review, building inspection and code compliance, help maintain public health and safety.

Planning & Development Services Positions

There are current vacancies within PDS’ Project Planning Division and Advance Planning Divisions. If you are the selected candidate for LUEP III within the Project Planning Division, you will manage the review of the most complex and difficult environmental and/or planning privately-initiated development projects for consistency with applicable regulations. If you are the selected candidate for LUEP III within the Advance Planning Division, you will manage projects related to implementation of the General Plan and Community Plans; and you will manage the development of policies and ordinances.

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Apply by date: 05/12/2019