As the new webmaster for the San Diego APA chapter (February 2018), Eric Henson is excited to share ideas on content to lure the public into city planning topics. At age 18, his enthusiasm for resident participation and planning grew by watching episodes of almost-always empty, overlooked neighborhood council meetings about public infrastructure in Baltimore on the HBO series “The Wire.” Through previous internships at the federally-managed San Diego Housing Commission’s Workforce & Economic Development Department, and the City of San Diego’s Human Resources’ Work Readiness Program and Planning Department, he has used the TV show and other creative media to raise interest among youth in classrooms, and the public on the value of community voices in planning.

Currently, Eric is a part-time Assistant Planner for the San Diego Unified Port District’s Development Services Department. Since March of 2017, he serves on the Skyline-Paradise Hills Planning Committee, and recently graduated from SDSU’s Masters in City Planning Program. His advocacy planning spirit is nurtured by his membership with Project New Village, a food security and community development non-profit in Southeast San Diego that helped legally define urban agriculture in San Diego’s city code in 2011.

When Eric is not obsessing about planning, he writes witty rap lyrics about planning and listens to blues music that talks about cities (St. Louis Blues, Memphis Blues, etc). It’s clear he loves anything related to cities and their identities.