Hello! My name is Mary and I am a San Diego native. I served as the UC San Diego student representative for SDAPA for the past year and have passed the torch to another lucky student!  I originally transferred into university with the hopes of becoming an esteemed Art Historian, but switched my major shortly after I took an urban planning course. It worked out for the better. My position on the board was the APA liaison for the Urban Studies & Planning Club on campus, and I encouraged students to become more involved in networking and professional development. As a club, we also invited professionals to campus to engage with students about their careers and how they got there. This really helps students feel more comfortable with networking and figuring out what path they should take post-graduation.

My two main interests in planning are transportation and urban design. It seems that these two realms can work great together in order to create healthy regions and communities. Active transportation and increasing mobility are passions of mine. I would love to see safe sidewalks and streets in every San Diego community, so people are encouraged to live a more active lifestyle.

In my spare time I spend quite a bit of time with my hound dog named Coal (yes, I got Coal for Christmas). I work part time at Starbucks as a shift supervisor, but will be moving on to new endeavors shortly. In late June, I began working as a Planner, Level II at Alta Planning + Design. I am very excited to start this new chapter in my life, to say the least!