Hello! I’m Rachel Hurst and this year, I’ll be serving as Section Director Elect. I’m looking forward to serving on the Board for the next four years, particularly since we will be hosting the California Chapter conference here in San Diego in 2018. I’m the Community Development Director at the City of Coronado, where I have been for nearly 10 years. I’ve also worked in Planning, Redevelopment and Historic Preservation for the Cities of La Mesa, San Diego, Simi Valley, Alhambra, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. For several years, I served as an instructor for UCSD Extension’s Urban Planning Program, teaching communications in urban planning and development and site analysis courses. I moved to San Diego from Los Angeles to work at the City of La Mesa right after I graduated from UCLA’s Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Planning (I am a Shoupista!), and have lived in Kensington since 1990. When I am not planning, I’m usually playing soccer, skiing, hiking or traveling in search of adventure! I look forward to serving the San Diego Section.