Hi! I’m Renée Yarmy.  I have served on the APA San Diego Section Board of Directors since 2011 and became the Programs Co-Chair in 2012.  I’m a Senior Environmental Specialist at the Port of San Diego and am working on the implementation of the Port’s Climate Action Plan and other related sustainability and climate action planning measures. I’ve been at the Port for approximately six months, and worked as a sustainability planning consultant and architectural assistant prior to joining the Port.  I have had a vast career so far, and have worked on projects ranging from architectural design and construction projects for the City and County of San Diego through to environmental education programs in Manly, Australia (just north of Sydney) and federal government sustainability programs. I have also been responsible for the development of Asset Management Programs for the City of Portland, numerous Marine Corps Installations, and numerous parks for the National Park Service.  Although I moved around the world for school and work, I’ve always returned to my native home town – San Diego! I am fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, and, at one point, was fluent in Italian.  I’ve been fortunate to live in the following locations: Florence, Italy; Sydney, Australia; and Porto Alegre, Brazil.  I hold a Bachelor of Architecture from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and a Master of the Built Environment in Sustainable Development from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.  I believe that I am equal parts left and right brain (science and the arts), which I think is why I gravitated towards architecture and then sustainable planning.  Among other artistic activities, I indulge months of my time to handcraft Halloween costumes.  To date I have created an Elliott (from E.T.), an octopus, a sushi roll (accompanied by a Sapporo beer bottle costume that I also made), an alien (accompanied by an astronaut costume I also made), a mermaid, a butterfly… and many other costumes.   I also enjoy going to concerts, riding my bike around Ocean Beach, playing paddleball on the beach, and probably spend too much of my life on Pinterest! I hope to meet you at an upcoming luncheon program or Planners Night Out (my personal favorite)!  If you ever want to volunteer, please reach out to me or any of my other SDAPA Board colleagues.