Hello! I’m Natalie Tran, and I’m UC San Diego’s Student Representative. I’m a fourth-year Urban Studies and Planning major with minors in Political Science and Environmental Studies. I currently work as a Green Buildings Intern at UCSD, helping the university achieve its sustainability goals. I’m also a Co-Chair of Urban Changemakers, a student organization focused on fostering community and improving spaces at UCSD through placemaking. My interests are in urban and environmental planning, policy, and design, with a particular emphasis in climate action planning, community resiliency, placemaking, and social equity. As part of my senior research project, I am conducting a case study analysis of green gentrification, and I hope to continue similar work in graduate school and the workforce. Outside of planning, I enjoy watching movies, writing, drawing, and listening to music. In particular, I love attending live events like film festivals and concerts, and I like to write reviews as a Senior Staff Writer of The UCSD Guardian, UCSD’s student-run newspaper. A fun fact about me is that I’ve met several celebrities; I’ve gotten selfies with Bradley Cooper and Nicole Kidman and an autograph from Adam Sandler.