Job Title: Mobility Coordinator (Senior Planner)

Job Location: Encinitas

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Job Description:

The Mobility Coordinator is responsible for the coordination, and supervision of assigned programs and/or projects in the advanced planning division and collecting, analyzing, and interpreting transportation data and designing surveys; and developing long-range transportation planning priorities
and for providing direct and/or functional supervision of professional staff and serving as a project manager for difficult and complex assignments.

• Supervises professional-level employees to include: representing staff at hearings; reviewing work products; prioritizing and assigning work; conducting performance evaluations; and making hiring, termination and disciplinary recommendations.
• Serves as project manager for development and use permit applications, typically larger in scale or those that are more complex or controversial in nature, which involves: meeting with prospective developers to raise potential issues and address General Plan/Municipal Code issuance issues prior to submittal; routing and coordinating environmental review and project review with other City departments and external agencies; monitoring project deposits, ensuring adequate deposits to cover costs and closing of account once project is complete; preparing legal noticing; working with project proponents, citizens/citizen groups to resolve issues;
• Performs project and policy analysis, which includes: conducting research; identifying and raising pertinent issues; summarizing findings; presenting results; reviewing, writing, and providing policy direction.
• Manages projects including transportation planning projects (e.g. Mobility Element Update) and corridor studies and facilitates community education and/or outreach efforts.
• Prepares staff reports, drafts resolutions and represents staff at public hearings on projects at Planning Commission, City Council and other decision-making bodies.
• Coordinates and supervises programs and/or projects in Advanced Planning, including but not limited to managing transportation planning and corridor studies and facilitate community outreach efforts.
• Supports counter-related functions, which includes: providing direction to public counter staff where interpretation or clarification of codes and policies is required; and performing other related tasks.
• Represents the City; meets with representatives of Merchant’s Associations and other civic groups to implement City programs.
• Develops, coordinates and manages the City’s short and long-range transportation planning efforts, including transportation components of the General Plan.
• Gathers and evaluates data for various planning duties relating to transportation/transit and review of the General Plan and other planning policy documents.
• Assists in the design and development of advanced transportation/transit plans from acquired data.
• Assists with implementation of multi-modal transportation planning studies, bicycle and pedestrian planning and project development activities.
• Reviews federal, state and regional statutes, proposed legislation and regulations pertaining to transportation planning.
• Assists with processing and permitting City transportation projects.
• Meets and confers with governmental officials and the public on transportation/transit planning matters.
• Researches, identifies and writes grants for funding opportunities.
• Performs other duties of a similar nature or level.

Bachelor’s Degree in urban planning or related field, plus five years of professional level experience in transit planning, transportation studies, transportation system planning studies, legislative transportation studies, or conducting difficult and complex transportation planning or research projects, including project lead and/or supervisory experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience sufficient to successfully perform the essential duties of the job such as those listed above.

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Apply by date: 08/26/2021