Planning Manager – City of La Quinta (Due 11/11/18)

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Job Title: Planning Manager

Job Location: La Quinta

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Job Description:

The PLANNING MANAGER is responsible for:
Providing overall management of division-related planning issues;
Serving as liaison and performing all necessary functions in support of the Planning Commission;
Assisting with the preparation of development standards;
Investigating and/or assisting with the resolution of planning issues, zoning
changes, text amendments, and language for specific plans and the General Plan;
Overseeing and assisting with the Planning Division’s participation in the
development review process including reviewing subdivision plans for compliance with the General Plan and zoning ordinances;
Overseeing the historic preservation, archeological and paleontological provisions of the municipal code; and
Advising the Design and Development Director on all planning-related matters.

This position is in the Management Classification Series. Managers oversee divisions and make interpretive decisions on behalf of the organization regarding the means for executing the goals established by the relevant leader, regulatory body or governing body, subject to constraints imposed by available technology and resources. Such interpretive decisions provide context for the work to be accomplished by subordinates supervised within the unit and/or designated programs managed. Incumbents are responsible for the management of functions and budget associated with an assigned unit/designated program and may be responsible for the supervision of professional, technical and administrative support staff assigned to the unit. Based upon assignment, managers may administer units/designated programs with administrative functions requiring differing levels of risk to the organization while providing for the across-the-board first level management necessary to execute the process and projects of the organization.

Positions assigned to this classification are responsible for assisting in the management and direction of a department by supervising/overseeing the work of the Planning division. As assigned, incumbents supervise staff including conducting performance evaluations; coordinating training; and implementing hiring, discipline and termination procedures.

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Apply by date: 11/11/2018