San Diego – California

Recognizing that new freeways are only part of a congestion management program, San Diego Forward: The Regional Plan envisions a more robust public transit system for the San Diego Region. Additional light rail lines, along with additional Rapid services, will provide higher speed connectivity throughout the urbanized areas, including improved access to major employment centers. Enhancing arterial road efficiency through the latest technologies will help to improve the reliability of transit bus operations and will help to increase the overall attractiveness of transit as an alternative transportation mode. Complementing these services will be an increased focus on transportation for seniors and persons with disabilities through coordination with transit operators and social service providers.

The Transit Planning team provides leadership for transit related activities by developing and evaluating operating plans for new services funded by TransNet, coordinating social service transportation, administering and monitoring transit grant and funding programs, ensuring project level civil rights compliance, and conducting corridor and station planning studies as part of the project development process for new rail and bus capital projects. Planners work closely with the region’s transit operators, Caltrans, local jurisdictions, and community groups to implement these plans and programs.

The Principal Transit Planner will plan, supervise, and manage planning activities that further the development of public transit and social service agency transportation in the San Diego region. This position will oversee short- and long-range planning activities for fixed rail, bus, and social services, administer federal and local grant programs, and serve as a liaison with the two local transit operators.

The minimum education, training, and experience qualifications include a bachelor’s degree with major course work in regional, transportation, or transit planning, or a related field, and a minimum of seven years of increasingly responsible, professional transit planning experience including two years of supervisory experience. An advanced degree is desirable.

SANDAG rewards the efforts of its employees with a comprehensive compensation package. Competitive salaries are supplemented with a flexible offering of health, financial security, and time-off benefits to meet the work and life needs of employees and their families.

How to Apply

A complete job announcement can be seen under the Job Openings tab on the SANDAG website. We encourage all interested candidates to apply for this position by completing a SANDAG employment application form. Resumes, cover letters, and work samples may be submitted in addition to the employment application but are not a substitute for this document.

The employment application can be downloaded in PDF format from the SANDAG website. Alternatively, a copy can be requested by calling (619) 699-1900 or emailing

Application Supplement

To help us further evaluate the skills and experience of individuals interested in this position, applicants are asked to respond to the two Supplemental Questions below. The information can be up to 500 words per question and should be submitted with the Employment Application. This is considered a required component of the application; applications received without a response will be screened out of the selection process.

  1. Describe a complex transit-related planning program you have been involved in. What was your role in the development of the overall program and describe how this work carried over into the development of individual projects?
  2. Please provide a brief summary of your vision for the transit system in the San Diego region. How will you go about implementing the vision while balancing the day-to-day operational needs of our transit operators?

SANDAG is an Equal Opportunity Employer and offers competitive salaries and benefits.

Applications for the Principal Transit Planner position will be accepted until 5 p.m. on Friday, June 10, 2016.