Certification Maintenance – “FREE” Opportunities to Obtain CM Credits.
California Chapter CD Lending Program

APA California has purchased APA CD-ROM training products for use by California Chapter members, either for individual or group study.  The primary purpose of this lending program is to offer a no-cost option for AICP members to qualify for Certification Maintenance (CM) Program credits, but these CDs can be borrowed by any Chapter member.  CDs will be loaned on a first-come first-served basis.  Products will be added and removed from this list annually.  AICP members may not claim CM credit for an education product that is not listed for credit on that year’s CM credit list.

For more information, please visit the  APACA website

APA Online Course Program Now Available – Ethics, Law and Health Courses

AICP members looking to fulfill CM Ethics and Law requirements can now complete their credits through APA’s new online course program. Currently, Ethical Practice for Practicing Planners (CM | 2.0, $49.95) and Hot Topics in Planning Law (CM | 3.0, $99.95) are available for purchase.  The two courses will be joined by The Transportation/Land Use Connection this fall.

In addition, members can complete Planning for Healthy Communities with Health Impact Assessments (CM | 6.0) for free through June 2010, thanks to a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The online course program can be accessed HERE

How do I apply to become a Certified Planner?
To become a certified planner, one must meet certain education and experience requirements and pass a written examination. The AICP exam is given twice a year in May and November.

For questions regarding the AICP exam, please email  aicpexam@planning.org.  We also encourage you to check out the new AICP Exam web page.