What is the AICP Candidate Pilot Program?

AICP is launching a new opportunity for students and graduates of PAB-accredited programs — the AICP Candidate Pilot Program (“Program”).

The program maintains the steps and criteria required for certification and but it changes their order; participants take the exam and then earn their professional planning experience.

  1. Students and graduates of PAB-accredited programscan join the program and begin optional mentoring.
  2. Graduates of PAB-accredited programscan take the exam prior to earning the required professional planning experience. Once they pass the exam, they may use the “AICP Candidate” designation after their names on resumes, etc.
  3. After they earn their professional planning experience, candidates complete the process by submitting essays. Once their essays are approved and their dues paid, they become certified, join AICP, and may use the “AICP” credential.

When will the new Program be in effect?

Starting in November 2017, qualified members may enroll in the program at any time during the year. Beginning in December 2017, graduates of PAB-accredited programs may register to sit for the May 2018 AICP Certification Exam.

Where can I find Program details?

Here is a flier of information for you about the Program. Also, please refer to APA National’s Program webpage for program details, information on how the program differs from the traditional path to AICP, and sample timelines for those interested to see how the program fits various situations.

Who to contact for more information?

If you would like additional information on the Candidate Pilot Program, you may contact our SDAPA Professional Development Officer for AICP Lorena Cordova.