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Diversity Summit at 2013 State Conference in Visalia, CA
Diversity Summit at 2013 State Conference in Visalia, CA

Planners work with diverse groups to find a common and encompassing community vision.  Diversity within the profession is essential to this work, and American Planning Association (APA) members are committed to fostering such diversity.  For more information on APA’s commitment to diversity, please visit www.planning.org/diversity/.

The San Diego Section of the American Planning Association (APA San Diego) is also committed to diversity and equity.  APA San Diego’s Membership Inclusion Director is responsible for coordinating Section activities and educating members to better serve diverse communities, as well as collaborating with the other Membership Inclusion Directors of the APA California Chapter on the annual Diversity Summit held during the APA California state conference.

Below are links to resources related to the diversity initiative of APA, the APA California Chapter, and the APA San Diego Section: