Monterey – California

Senior Planner is the advanced working level/lead worker class in the professional Planner series. The Senior Planner, under minimal supervision, serves as the subject matter resource specialist to other planners in addition to performing the most difficult planning assignments. This position may work closely with the Supervising Planner to formulate, organize and implement various planning projects and perform lead worker functions to include reviewing and checking the work of subordinate personnel for technical accuracy and factual content; determining level of priority and appropriate methodological analysis for studies; and assisting and training staff.


Critically important qualifications for this position will be: integrity; flexibility and adaptability; the ability to develop and maintain close working relationships; strong oral and written communication skills; an ability to relate well to the public, management and employees at all levels; and good judgment. In addition, the ideal candidate will:

  • Be a person of exceptional character and integrity.
  • Demonstrate tact and diplomacy.
  • Deal tactfully with individual even in time of disagreement and conflict.
  • Effectively and tactfully communicate in both oral and written form.
  • Deal effectively with the public and establish and maintain cooperative working relationships.
  • Have effective presentation skills.
  • Exemplify an enthusiastic, resourceful and effective customer service attitude.
  • Promote Monterey County Values and provide excellent customer service.


  • Manages a substantial workload with multiple and changing priorities.
  • Manages the review of complex large-scale development applications.
  • Holds community meetings to help facilitate resolution of Land Use issues.
  • Makes presentations before decision-making bodies.
  • Researches, analyzes, and writes technical and comprehensive planning reports, ordinances, resolutions, legal notices, general plan and amendments code.
  • Assist with review of work product of other team members.

Licenses/Certificates: Possess a valid Class C Driver License.

Thorough Knowledge of:

The Principles, practices, techniques and quantitative methods of county, rural and local planning to include social economic and environmental principles and their application to development; Federal, State and local laws, procedures and regulations governing plan preparation, land development, environmental review and permit review process; Principles and techniques of research data gathering and planning data analysis; Computer and quantitative methods, word processing and graphic techniques applicable to land use planning.

Skill and Ability to:

Interpret, understand, explain and apply complex planning laws, rules, ordinances, codes and regulations applicable to planning projects and studies; Read and interpret maps and aerial photos.; Collect, analyze, interpret, apply data and draw conclusions for a variety of planning projects; Coordinate major planning projects and extensive planning research studies including providing oversight of outside technical consultants; Collect and tabulate statistical data and perform complex calculations to compute percentages, and land acreages, and distances; Research, analyze, evaluate and draw logical conclusions from data and prepare major planning projects and studies; Communicate effectively both orally and in writing; Utilize a personal computer; facilitate cooperation and consensus by participation and working cooperatively in a team framework; Provide excellent and courteous customer service and establish and maintain effective working relationships.


Any combination of training, education and/or experience which provides the knowledge, skills and abilities and required conditions of employment listed above is qualifying. An example of a way these requirements might be acquired is:
Education: Completion of all course work leading to a Bachelor’s degree in Planning or a closely related field if planning courses were included as part of the course curriculum or
Experience: Approximately three (3) years of experience performing professional level planning duties for a planning agency comparable to an Associate Planner position in Monterey County.


  1. Work in an environment that includes interactions with potentially hostile individuals.
  2. Exposure to variable temperatures, work outdoors or on uneven ground/floor surfaces; slippery surfaces or come in contact with water; work in adverse weather conditions; come in contact with dust, pollen and silica dust such as asbestos in old homes, infections such as tick-borne Lyme disease;
  3. Physical stamina and mobility to bend, stoop, climb, reach, and twist on irregular surfaces that may involve rough terrain, climbing stairs or walking through brush; walk over uneven terrain such as unpaved roads, hills trails, construction sites and streams; perform tasks which require coordination and balance such as walking on narrow ledges;
  4. Ability to work at a desk or computer; finger and manual dexterity in order to operate a computer keyboard; ability to see well enough to view sites of investigations and then able to make accurate field notes regarding the existing condition of the site at the time of the investigation.