San Diego – California
Recognizing that new freeways or fixed-rail transit services are only part of a congestion management program, the 2050 Regional Transportation Plan (2050 RTP) emphasizes Transportation Demand Management (TDM) strategies. The Plan envisions TDM expanding beyond its historic focus on the reduction of single-occupant trips in the peak period to a broader focus on the provision of convenient choices and alternatives to driving alone in a variety of modes that can be accessed throughout the day. TDM is a key component of the Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS), which was developed as part of San Diego Forward: The Regional Plan in order to achieve greenhouse gas reduction targets set by the California Air Resources Board in response to Senate Bill 375. Through better management of travel demand, we can relieve some of the pressure on the regional transportation system and improve its efficiency by shifting demand to times or modes that have excess capacity.

The plan to manage demand is based on proven strategies. Since 1995, SANDAG has operated a regional transportation demand management program, currently known as iCommute. The program implements a variety of strategies that improve the efficiency of the region’s transportation system by helping to reduce peak-period trips when the highest travel demand occurs. With the adoption of San Diego Forward: The Regional Plan, there is opportunity to build upon the success of the existing TDM program and transform it into a core organizational function that is integrated throughout SANDAG.

The Senior TDM Program Analyst will coordinate various outreach initiatives that support employer TDM programs and regional commuter services and provide leadership to team members who perform planning and marketing functions. The position also will provide input regarding regional strategies that will expand TDM beyond its traditional boundaries. This position is part of the Operations Department and works in close collaboration with employees throughout the organization.

The minimum education, training, and experience qualifications include a bachelor’s degree with major course work in regional or transportation planning, public/business administration, communications/marketing, or a related field, and a minimum of five years of increasingly responsible, professional experience in regional transportation demand management programs or other comparable programs. An advanced degree is desirable.

SANDAG rewards the efforts of its employees with a comprehensive compensation package. Competitive salaries are supplemented with a flexible offering of health, financial security, and time-off benefits to meet the work and life needs of employees and their families.

How to Apply

A complete job announcement can be seen under the Job Openings tab on the SANDAG website at We encourage all interested candidates to apply for this position by completing a SANDAG employment application form. Resumes, cover letters, and work samples may be submitted in addition to the employment application but are not a substitute for this document.

The employment application can be downloaded in PDF format from the SANDAG website at Alternatively, a copy can be requested by calling (619) 699-1900 or emailing

Application Supplement

To help us further evaluate the skills and experience of individuals interested in this position, applicants are asked to respond to the Supplemental Questions below. The information can be up to four pages long and should be submitted with the Employment Application. This is considered a required component of the application; applications received without a response will be screened out of the selection process.

Supplemental Questions

  1. Describe your experience developing and coordinating a TDM outreach program.
  2. Describe the approach you would take to develop a comprehensive TDM outreach plan to support the launch of the Mid-Coast Trolley service.

SANDAG is an Equal Opportunity Employer and offers competitive salaries and benefits.

Applications for the Senior TDM Program Analyst position will be accepted until 5 p.m. on Friday, November 13, 2015.