2020 SDAPA Student Work Showcase Selections

SDAPA knows that college students in San Diego are doing some exciting planning-related work. Whether a student’s work consist of a report, architectural renderings, or a group project, we know that students are working hard to spearhead innovation in planning. For the 2020 Student Showcase, students were asked to submit their work to be featured through SDAPA’s media channels. Students were also encouraged to submit a summary of their work and an explanation of how their work aligns APA’s vision. Follow the links below to view the 2020 Student Showcase submittals.


All student works completed in 2019 and 2020 are welcome. Students may submit their work at any time before October 1, 2020 by completing the form and uploading the files at the following path https://forms.gle/BE3DKoJ4BbaCRotu6. All submittals will be reviewed by a panel to ensure the work aligns with the vision of the American Planning Association (APA). Submitted works cannot be deleted and remain with SDAPA.

Submittal Requirements

• Provide a 1-page (500 words or less) summary of the student work.
• In 500 words or less, demonstrate how the submittal aligns with the vision of the APA by linking the work to an APA publication.
• Submit a minimum of two photos that are representative of the student’s work.
• Submit a copy of the project, report, or other. Any videos should be submitted via a YouTube link.
• All documentation must be in one zipped folder labeled with the primary contact’s name.
• The zipped folder should include no more than 10 total files (pdf. and jpeg files only)