Last year, we made great strides toward revamping our SDAPA Planning Journal. This year – during 2017 – we’re continuing our reinvigorated format for the Planning Journal! Our theme is centered around “People, Projects, and Issues.”  The SDAPA section has over 500 members, and we have some amazing planners doing fantastic work throughout San Diego and Imperial Counties and across the country that, quite simply, we’d like to brag about. In an effort to highlight some of the contributions by our members, we’re continuing two programs called, “I am SDAPA” and “Meet your Board Members” where we’ll be posting articles written by some of our very own, and featuring some our very own.

In fact, did you know that in recent years, the National APA President, the California APA President, and one of the National AICP Commissioners were all from the San Diego section – and all served in these leadership positions at the same time? Did you know that one of our members was recently elected to serve as the California Chapter Vice President for Membership and Marketing? Did you know that we have a relatively large number of FAICP planners in our region – with our most recent being Brian Mooney of Rick Engineering? And did you know that we have over a dozen local planners volunteering on the San Diego Section Board? These dedicated volunteers make great things happen for our section, including programs, workshops, AICP training sessions, Planners Night Out (PNO) events, Young Planners Program (YPG), Mentorship Program, Awards Banquet, Holiday Party, and ever-increasing activities with our local universities.

Over the course of the year, we’ll feature many of these planners, as well as the projects and issues that they’re working on. And we have a large geographic area to pull from, as our section consists of both San Diego and Imperial Counties. It’s true – we’re a two county APA section… with many planners, a wide variety of projects, and huge swatch of issues that can be featured in our Planning Journal.

We’re soliciting articles on a volunteer basis, with an “incentive” to sweeten the pot.  We’re recruiting YPG members, Mentorship Program participants, and all other interested APA members to help draft articles for the Journal in two categories – articles featuring local planners, and articles featuring SDAPA programs in 2017. For both categories, we’re asking that articles be kept to around 600-800 words, or, in other words, fairly short articles (about the length of this very write-up).

For articles featuring our 2017 programs, authors would receive free registration for the program! How cool is that?!? For Mentorship Program participants, we encourage them to invite their Mentor to potentially co-author the article. Mentors that help edit articles would also get free admission – very exciting! Having YPG members and Mentorship Program participants write articles would be a “win-win” because: (1) we’ll be developing content for the Planning Journal; (2) we’ll be maximizing the coverage on our excellent SDAPA programs and on local planners throughout the region; (3) we’ll be encouraging joint activities between mentees and their mentors; and (4) emerging planners will gain exposure by having their name in the SDAPA Planning Journal.

If you’re interested in writing articles for the Planning Journal, please contact Carolina Ilic, the Planning Journal Editor. If you know a planner that you’d like to feature, let us know. Otherwise, we can provide suggestions. As you see SDAPA programs that you’re interested in attending and writing about, contact us and we’ll make assignments. We’ll maintain a list of interested authors, and call on them as the need evolves. Remember: A free admission to an SDAPA Program is awaiting and celebrity status from authoring articles is on the horizon!

Articles should be submitted as Word files and should include at least three landscape photos (jpeg or png) for the header. Additional photos with captions are welcome. As a quick note, the editor will decide which articles will be accepted for publication. And remember, all articles posted in the Planning Journal represent the viewpoint of the authors alone and do not reflect the official position of APA San Diego.

Thank you for supporting the SDAPA Planning Journal and we look forward to working together to make 2017 a terrific year!