Happy New Year! The Young and Emerging Planners group (YEP) is excited to announce that applications for the 2022 Mentorship Program are now open! Applications are open for both mentees and mentors!

Interested in being a mentee? Apply here.

Interested in serving as a mentor? Apply here.

Unsure if the program is right for you? Read some of the additional program info below or check out our Mentorship Program webpage.

The YEP Mentorship Program matches young planners and students with experienced planning professionals for guidance and support, while also offering opportunities to build connections with current practice leaders, other young and emerging planners, and the American Planning Association (APA). The program is intended to foster professional growth and career development through an exchange of knowledge, experience, and ideas.

The program is available to all involved in the planning profession and “planning-adjacent” fields and will be a “hybrid” program in 2022 (i.e., all programs will be held virtually unless State and local guidance allows for safe in-person activities). If you are unsure if the program is right for you, or if you should apply as a mentee or mentor, please reach out to us at sdapayep@gmail.com.